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Our passion is a contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all aspects of fine Indian cuisine: wine selection, service, ambience and atmosphere. Our menu reflects the diversity of India, steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity. Our wine programs are constructed to pique the interest of the novice yet be alluring to the enthusiast and to focus on regions that best complement our cuisine. Our service style emphasizes hospitality with knowledgeable, technically proficient staff who are present yet unobtrusive. The result is a vibrant and trendsetting scene, full of energy and sophistication. 2 Gingers is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business and a place for pleasure.

We are committed to preparing food using traditional methods and fresh ingredients.

Our chefs prepare each dish using the highest quality ingredients.

2 Gingers prepares all of its vegetarian dishes separate from its non-veg dishes. The main attraction is the central buffet table and on any given afternoon you will find it heavily laden with food, fuel-heated in large wide variety hot and cold buffet traditional dishes from all corners of India. Save room for the sinfully tempting desserts!

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Working in the kitchen is my soul and my life, And I love it. I'm not there because people expect to see me; I am there because I want to be.

I believe no chef becomes what he becomes without having many people influence him.

Chef Mock

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